Brand new APD Asian Power Devices WA-09B12FU 12V 0.75A AC Adapter,Labtec OU09V200T AC Adapter 9V | New 9V 1200mA SIL SSA-12W-09 U
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Brand new APD Asian Power Devices WA-09B12FU 12V 0.75A AC Adapter

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Brand new APD Asian Power Devices WA-09B12FU 12V 0.75A AC Adapter Product DescriptionCondition:100% Brand New and GenuineBrand:APDModel: WA-09B12FUPart No.:  Input:  100-120V~50-60Hz 0.3AOUTPUT: 12V 0.75A   Package Included:1X AC ADAPTER   Warranty:100% Brand New with High Quality!30-Days Money Back and 18 Months Year Warranty!Fast shipping!Free Power Cord Fit your country! 

item: Brand new APD Asian Power Devices WA-09B12FU 12V 0.75A AC Adapter,Labtec OU09V200T AC Adapter 9V | New 9V 1200mA SIL SSA-12W-09 U 4.3 2 votes
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Brand new APD Asian Power Devices WA-09B12FU 12V 0.75A AC Adapter,Labtec OU09V200T AC Adapter 9V | New 9V 1200mA SIL SSA-12W-09 U

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Labtec OU09V200T AC Adapter 9V

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