New Original 5V 2A Huawei HW-050200U01 Power Adapter,Ktec KA12D120150016U AC Adapte - AC Adapter Charger B0514 DYS40
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New Original 5V 2A Huawei HW-050200U01 Power Adapter

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New Original 5V 2A Huawei HW-050200U01 Power Adapter,Ktec KA12D120150016U AC Adapte - AC Adapter Charger B0514 DYS40

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Ktec KA12D120150016U AC Adapte

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AC Adapter Charger B0514 DYS40 4014 1561 7036 1507
Adapter MKD-480602100 8480 8637 1445 3710
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3YE GQ07-050120-AU AC Adapter 6264 986 880 7640
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MLF MLF-012W2400500 AC Adapter 5837 1253 7449 4662
Harman Kardon A481511OT AC Ada 8950 2761 8177 7940

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