New Original 19V 2.64A Delta ADP-50HH REV.A AC Adapter,In-Li YL-10-24 AC Adapter 24V - NEW 12V 300mA STA-12030U AC Ad
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New Original 19V 2.64A Delta ADP-50HH REV.A AC Adapter

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New Original 19V 2.64A Delta ADP-50HH REV.A AC Adapter,In-Li YL-10-24 AC Adapter 24V - NEW 12V 300mA STA-12030U AC Ad

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In-Li YL-10-24 AC Adapter 24V

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NEW 12V 300mA STA-12030U AC Ad 5507 3137 6128 8706 1321
Original import 12V 3A Pace 29 3870 7277 8141 2542 4678
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NEW 19V 3.16A HP F1781a AC Pow 6374 8086 5612 3075 3014
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New 16.5V 2.5A DVE DV-162A5 AC 1316 712 8634 5688 7419
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Adapter FSP120-AAB 567 5486 1569 2044 826
Psyclone Essentials PSE530 AC 6456 1745 5338 2598 8544
New 24V 0.5A 2.1mm x 5.5mm DFU 2520 1064 5226 7377 8218

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