New AULT Inc PW118 RA0502F02 5VDC 3.0A power supply ac adapter,Hon-Kwang HK-T112-A150 AC Adap - Philips SSW-1920US-4 AC Adapte
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New AULT Inc PW118 RA0502F02 5VDC 3.0A power supply ac adapter

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New AULT Inc PW118 RA0502F02 5VDC 3.0A power supply ac adapterSpecification:Brand:AULTMODEL:  PW118  P/N: RA0502F02INPUT: 100-240v 50-60Hz  0.5AOutput:5VDC 3.0AConnector size:  Barrel Round Package includes:1 X AC DC Adapter1 X Power Cord Condition: 100% brand NewWarranty: Full 18 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackFast shipping!Free Power Cord Fit your country! 

item: New AULT Inc PW118 RA0502F02 5VDC 3.0A power supply ac adapter,Hon-Kwang HK-T112-A150 AC Adap - Philips SSW-1920US-4 AC Adapte 4.4 38 votes
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New AULT Inc PW118 RA0502F02 5VDC 3.0A power supply ac adapter,Hon-Kwang HK-T112-A150 AC Adap - Philips SSW-1920US-4 AC Adapte

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Hon-Kwang HK-T112-A150 AC Adap

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