New Original 19V 2.4A Gateway ADP-45CB ITE Power Supply AC Adapter,Graco 2809015003CT AC Adapter - TDC Power DA-20-24 AC Adapter
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New Original 19V 2.4A Gateway ADP-45CB ITE Power Supply AC Adapter

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New Original 19V 2.4A Gateway ADP-45CB ITE Power Supply AC AdapterSpecifications:MODEL: ADP-45CBINPUT: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5AOutput : 19V 2.4ACondition: Brand New1 Year Warranty!30-Days Money Back! Fast Ship

item: New Original 19V 2.4A Gateway ADP-45CB ITE Power Supply AC Adapter,Graco 2809015003CT AC Adapter - TDC Power DA-20-24 AC Adapter 4.1 4 votes
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New Original 19V 2.4A Gateway ADP-45CB ITE Power Supply AC Adapter,Graco 2809015003CT AC Adapter - TDC Power DA-20-24 AC Adapter

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Graco 2809015003CT AC Adapter

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TDC Power DA-20-24 AC Adapter 8091 4065 7561 3765
AA-121A AC Adapter 30-112-2014 605 1651 8540 4606
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TA-28-090200 AC Adapter 9VAC 2 8874 701 969 447
Homedics SY-2450208 AC Adapter 4831 8873 5186 5427
Phhong PSA18R-120P AC Adapter 2484 697 5337 506
NEW 9V 300mA HD DPX351338 Ac A 443 5859 8869 993
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Homedics ILA35-060600S AC Adap 7540 4259 6153 1928
NEW 12V 400mA XR-DC120400 AC A 1122 3896 6151 3115
Csec CSD0900300U-22 AC Adapter 2687 8255 6998 1403
JOD-57U-02 AC Adapter 14.5V 15 6845 1531 2296 7113
New Original 12V 2A SDP-AA24AC 4398 5884 4933 3857
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