New Original 16V 4.5A IBM 02K6661 ThinkPad AC Adapter,GPX APX002A AC Adapter 9V 1.5A , New 9V 200mA LEI 350902R02COA
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New Original 16V 4.5A IBM 02K6661 ThinkPad AC Adapter

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New Original 16V 4.5A IBM 02K6661 ThinkPad AC AdapterSpecifications:New Original 16V 4.5A IBM 02K6661 ThinkPad AC AdapterP/N: 02K6661INPUT: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5AOutput : 16V 4.5ACondition: Brand New1 Year Warranty!30-Days Money Back! Fast Shipping!

item: New Original 16V 4.5A IBM 02K6661 ThinkPad AC Adapter,GPX APX002A AC Adapter 9V 1.5A , New 9V 200mA LEI 350902R02COA 4.1 15 votes
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New Original 16V 4.5A IBM 02K6661 ThinkPad AC Adapter,GPX APX002A AC Adapter 9V 1.5A , New 9V 200mA LEI 350902R02COA

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GPX APX002A AC Adapter 9V 1.5A

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New 9V 200mA LEI 350902R02COA 7933 1866 8300 7329 6478
NEW 9V 0.8A VISION 3A-102WU09 522 8489 2730 4484 2124
NEW 9V 5A PHIHONG PSS-45W-090 2555 2024 4689 3464 996
New Original 3V 1A RadioShack 8355 2935 4000 6178 540
NEW 9V 210mA UNIDEN PS-0007 DC 5980 2023 2336 1619 2984
New Original 18V 1.5A HO-MEDIC 7970 4718 5973 7949 8950

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