New 9VDC 1.67A TRUMPower FSP015-RBDM-NP TWM15-09-UN-585L-ASC Medical Power Supply,Department 56 OH-41111DT AC Ad , New 20V 4.55A Lite-On 40Y7656
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New 9VDC 1.67A TRUMPower FSP015-RBDM-NP TWM15-09-UN-585L-ASC Medical Power Supply

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New 9VDC 1.67A TRUMPower FSP015-RBDM-NP TWM15-09-UN-585L-ASC Medical Power Supply Specification:Brand:BridgePower CorpMODEL: TRUMPowerPart No.: TWM15-09-UN-585L-ASCINPUT:100-240~  50-60Hz 0.5-0.3AOUTPUT:9V DC 1.67ATIP SIZE: 5.5X2.5mm(90°)   Package includes:1 X AC DC Adapter  Condition: 100% brand NewWarranty: Full 18 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackFast shipping!Free Power Cord Fit your country! 

item: New 9VDC 1.67A TRUMPower FSP015-RBDM-NP TWM15-09-UN-585L-ASC Medical Power Supply,Department 56 OH-41111DT AC Ad , New 20V 4.55A Lite-On 40Y7656 5 32 votes
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New 9VDC 1.67A TRUMPower FSP015-RBDM-NP TWM15-09-UN-585L-ASC Medical Power Supply,Department 56 OH-41111DT AC Ad , New 20V 4.55A Lite-On 40Y7656

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Department 56 OH-41111DT AC Ad

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