New Original 8.5V 1A Verifone 01536-01 transformer power ac adapter,DVE DSA-0151F-06 AC Adapter 6V - SSA-0812CU AC Adapter 8V 120mA
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New Original 8.5V 1A Verifone 01536-01 transformer power ac adapter

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New Original 8.5V 1A Verifone 01536-01 transformer power ac adapterSpecifications:New Original 8.5V 1A Verifone 01536-01 transformer power ac adapterMODEL: 01536-01INPUT: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5AOutput : 8.5V 1ACondition: Brand New1 Year Warranty!30-Days Money Back! Fast Shipping!

item: New Original 8.5V 1A Verifone 01536-01 transformer power ac adapter,DVE DSA-0151F-06 AC Adapter 6V - SSA-0812CU AC Adapter 8V 120mA 4.3 37 votes
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New Original 8.5V 1A Verifone 01536-01 transformer power ac adapter,DVE DSA-0151F-06 AC Adapter 6V - SSA-0812CU AC Adapter 8V 120mA

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DVE DSA-0151F-06 AC Adapter 6V

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SSA-0812CU AC Adapter 8V 120mA 6405
Fisher-Price SA28-42A AC Adapt 6635
Motorola BDA MW41-1800500 AC A 7667
MKD-410600600 AC Adapter 6V 60 7228
Hon-Kwang HK-M109-U090 AC Adap 3174
New Original 6V Jabra Bluetoot 3526
NEW Phihong PSA31U-240 AC/DC A 709
Ktec AC Adapter KSLFB0300080W1 6622
SUNFONE ACD024A-12 GP-ACD024A- 4431
EW Stontronics DSA-0151D-06 6V 7626
KA12A120080035U AC Adapter 12V 828
NEW 6V 200mA KU1B-060-0200D PP 2633
New Original 9V 1.5A DVE DFA-0 1272
VeriFone PS663322G AC Adapter 5895
SDI65-24-U AC Adapter 542
New Original 5V 3A DVE DSA-20P 7693

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