New 13V 1A MHDB-13001000 Power Supply Ac Adapter,D-Link AF1205-B AC Adapter 5V - New Original 7.5V 750mA Hon-Kw
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New 13V 1A MHDB-13001000 Power Supply Ac Adapter

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New 13V 1A MHDB-13001000 Power Supply Ac AdapterSpecifications:MODEL: MHDB-13001000INPUT: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5A Output : 13V 1APacking list:1 x  AC Adapter  Power Adapter1 x  US  UK  EU AU ....Power Cable (fit your country)Condition: Brand New1 Year Warranty!100% Brand New with High Quality!30-Days Money Back! Fast Shipping!

item: New 13V 1A MHDB-13001000 Power Supply Ac Adapter,D-Link AF1205-B AC Adapter 5V - New Original 7.5V 750mA Hon-Kw 4.8 27 votes
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New 13V 1A MHDB-13001000 Power Supply Ac Adapter,D-Link AF1205-B AC Adapter 5V - New Original 7.5V 750mA Hon-Kw

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D-Link AF1205-B AC Adapter 5V

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New Original 7.5V 750mA Hon-Kw 8038 8951 5087 5206 4437
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New Original 15V 800mA Altec L 439 843 5851 6280 6164

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