TEAC-41-121000U AC Adapter 12VAC 1A 1000mA TEAC41121000U,Changzhou Linke LK-DC060050 To , Genuine HOIOTO ADS-26UC-12 120

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TEAC-41-121000U AC Adapter 12VAC 1A 1000mA TEAC41121000U

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TEAC-41-121000U AC Adapter 12VAC 1A 1000mA TEAC41121000U TEAC-41-121000U AC Adapter 12VAC 1A 1000mA TEAC41121000U Model Number: TEAC-41-121000U Input: 120V 60Hz Output: 12VAC 1A Condition: Excellent / NEW.

item: TEAC-41-121000U AC Adapter 12VAC 1A 1000mA TEAC41121000U,Changzhou Linke LK-DC060050 To , Genuine HOIOTO ADS-26UC-12 120 4.9 4 votes

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TEAC-41-121000U AC Adapter 12VAC 1A 1000mA TEAC41121000U,Changzhou Linke LK-DC060050 To , Genuine HOIOTO ADS-26UC-12 120

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Changzhou Linke LK-DC060050 To

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