New Original 5.5V 250mA Aiwa AC-D603U AC Adapter,CHD DPX412012 AC Adapter 6V 80 - New 16V 1.2A JK-16121-SA 02A-1
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New Original 5.5V 250mA Aiwa AC-D603U AC Adapter

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New Original 5.5V 250mA Aiwa AC-D603U AC AdapterSpecifications:MODEL: AC-D603UINPUT: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5AOutput :  5.5V 250mACondition: Brand New1 Year Warranty!30-Days Money Back! Fast Shipping!

item: New Original 5.5V 250mA Aiwa AC-D603U AC Adapter,CHD DPX412012 AC Adapter 6V 80 - New 16V 1.2A JK-16121-SA 02A-1 4.6 34 votes
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New Original 5.5V 250mA Aiwa AC-D603U AC Adapter,CHD DPX412012 AC Adapter 6V 80 - New 16V 1.2A JK-16121-SA 02A-1

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CHD DPX412012 AC Adapter 6V 80

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New 16V 1.2A JK-16121-SA 02A-1 3815 970
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New Isco 56V 0.55A DPSN-35FB A 7153 4868
NEW 12V 780mA Salcompoy ACH-4U 4508 7106
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KSAS0120500200D5 ac adapter 2231 1175
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Ktec KSAD1800070W1US AC Adapte 6064 6441
NEW 6V 1.5A DIRECT PLUG-IN SA4 7055 5957
Remington MS-280 MS-290 Charge 2875 5647
NEW 6V 300mA SKIL CGA36 261090 1982 7827
NEW 24V 3.33A APD DA-80A24 AC 7716 2033
New 6V 800mA SA48-93A Class 2 8596 3068

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