New Original 5V 2A Delta ADP-10SB Power AC Adapter,CGE PA009UG01 AC Adapter 9V 1A - New Original 9V 100mA Hung Kay
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New Original 5V 2A Delta ADP-10SB Power AC Adapter

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New Original 5V 2A Delta ADP-10SB Power AC AdapterSpecifications:New Original 5V 2A Delta ADP-10SB Power AC AdapterMODEL: ADP-10SBINPUT: 100-240V AC 50/60HzOutput : 5V 2ACondition: Brand New1 Year Warranty!30-Days Money Back! Fast Shipping!

item: New Original 5V 2A Delta ADP-10SB Power AC Adapter,CGE PA009UG01 AC Adapter 9V 1A - New Original 9V 100mA Hung Kay 4.6 47 votes
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New Original 5V 2A Delta ADP-10SB Power AC Adapter,CGE PA009UG01 AC Adapter 9V 1A - New Original 9V 100mA Hung Kay

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CGE PA009UG01 AC Adapter 9V 1A

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