Shanghai Xing THU-18-500 AC Adapter 18V 500mA,Ault Inc P48-091000-A200C Clas - NEW Cincon TR45A19 12A03 AC Ad
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Shanghai Xing THU-18-500 AC Adapter 18V 500mA

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Shanghai Xing THU-18-500 AC Adapter 18V 500mA Shanghai Xing THU-18-500 AC Adapter 18V 500mA THU18500 Model Number: THU-18-500 Input: 120V 60Hz Output: 18V 500mA Condition: Excellent / NEW.

item: Shanghai Xing THU-18-500 AC Adapter 18V 500mA,Ault Inc P48-091000-A200C Clas - NEW Cincon TR45A19 12A03 AC Ad 4.8 5 votes
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Shanghai Xing THU-18-500 AC Adapter 18V 500mA,Ault Inc P48-091000-A200C Clas - NEW Cincon TR45A19 12A03 AC Ad

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Ault Inc P48-091000-A200C Clas

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