New Original 12V 4.2A HIGH POWER HPA-501242U3 A15 AC ADAPTER,AcBel WA8078 AC Adapter S50G 5 - New 9V 300mA 350903003CT Cordl
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New Original 12V 4.2A HIGH POWER HPA-501242U3 A15 AC ADAPTER

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New Original 12V 4.2A HIGH POWER HPA-501242U3 A15 AC ADAPTERSpecifications:New Original 12V 4.2A HIGH POWER HPA-501242U3 A15 AC ADAPTERMODEL: HPA-501242U3 A15INPUT: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5AOutput : 12V 4.2ACondition: Brand New1 Year Warranty!30-Days Money Back! Fast Shipping!

item: New Original 12V 4.2A HIGH POWER HPA-501242U3 A15 AC ADAPTER,AcBel WA8078 AC Adapter S50G 5 - New 9V 300mA 350903003CT Cordl 4.4 19 votes
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New Original 12V 4.2A HIGH POWER HPA-501242U3 A15 AC ADAPTER,AcBel WA8078 AC Adapter S50G 5 - New 9V 300mA 350903003CT Cordl

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AcBel WA8078 AC Adapter S50G 5

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