NEW Sunny SYS1381-1005-W2E 5V-2A Switching adapter,AK02G-0500200U AC Adapter 5V 2 , NEW 9V 2.2A Magnavox ADPV18A A
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NEW Sunny SYS1381-1005-W2E 5V-2A Switching adapter

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NEW Sunny SYS1381-1005-W2E 5V-2A Switching adapter Specification: Brand:SUNNY Model:SYS1381-1005-W2EPart No.:  Input Voltage: 100-240v   50/60 Hz 0.5AOutput:5V 2A  Package includes:1 X AC DC Adapter   Condition: 100% brand NewWarranty: Full 18 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money BackFast shipping!Free Power Cord Fit your country!  

item: NEW Sunny SYS1381-1005-W2E 5V-2A Switching adapter,AK02G-0500200U AC Adapter 5V 2 , NEW 9V 2.2A Magnavox ADPV18A A 4.4 14 votes
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NEW Sunny SYS1381-1005-W2E 5V-2A Switching adapter,AK02G-0500200U AC Adapter 5V 2 , NEW 9V 2.2A Magnavox ADPV18A A

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AK02G-0500200U AC Adapter 5V 2

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